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July 2020 Updates

A look at the Mars Rovers

Originally published: Devlog.Acord.Software

It’s fair to say that NASA has been at the forefront of off-world driving for a number of years now. After the Pathfinder mission in 1997, NASA’s sent 3 more rovers to the Red Planet and each of them has been extremely successful. A fifth American rover - nicknamed Perseverance - will be joining them in 9 months if - and that’s a bit if - all goes well. While one common misconception is that the primary focus, or objective of each current rover was to search for life, the Mars Perseverance Rover is the first that has the main goal to find biosignatures that signal life once existed on the surface of Mars - and may still.

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August 2020 Updates

You may have noticed that the link for the documentation on the sidebar of this website has changed. While we love Gitbook and the other documentation tools that integrate well with Git, we’re carefully and cautiously switching to a github-pages powered documentation tool for Stellarios-related documentation. Tutorials, installs, guides, tips and more are available, and of course the full documentation for AC0/RD is not going anywhere - check it out here.


Due to constraints with time budgeting (apart from very valued and useful help by a few volunteers and friends, right now AC0/RD is effectively a two-person group most of the time) and also to avoid falling into pitfalls, the game development side of AC0/RD has been temporarily moved into a new entity.

What does this mean?

  • Cross license & patent agreement — all products created will be shared between the two entities. Frameworks & software created can be used by either group to further their own product (for example, if the science area creates a framework that provides better user authentication, the game dev group is able to take that and use it). While everything we do is open-source, due to the collaborative nature of the network, it will be easier to implement stuff between the groups. The services (like the dashboard) that we create will be used by both groups, and what one group creates will only benefit the other.
  • Eventual re-merger — once we get more consistent with our development team and strategies, we’ll have the capacity to merge the teams/groups back together
  • The teams will work independantly before the re-merger - that is, members will be “employed” for either game dev or open-source science development - however members can still work on projects from both groups

New projects

We’re working on procedural generation & atari games in Unity, and also on contributing to the open-source aspects of TESS


We’ve switched to Notion.so as our internal notebook, so internal logs & documentation can be found there. However, we’re still using Git for logs, and the public documentation will be still be available on our Gitbook Installation. Notion can be easily accessed from the member dashboard

Technical Discussion

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